How to whiten our teeth naturally?


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It is important that we brush our teeth after we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Teeth pigmented or diskoloruar are common in people of different ages and this comes as a result of various causes, such as coffee, someking , tea and certain types of medications. But, did you know that outfits, jewelry and your skin tan are those who show your teeth too.

In this article we have present you some tips on how to show your white teeth:

Choose the right shade of lipstick.


Did you know that some shades of lipstick help your teeth to look whiter (or darker)?

If you have grayish teeth, avoid red lipsticks and instead try a cooler tone.

Change your skin color.


Tan, golden skin it’s a perfect way for making your eyes and teeth to pop out. Avoid beach and solarium and give your skin a healthy and shining look with a self-tan cream. In this case it is more preferable to have a bronze shade of skin.

Whiten your teeth while you chew.


Some of the foods like red sauce, curry, etc. can stain your enamel. Some other foods like apple, carrots, spinach and broccoli usually work by removing the stain on your teeth.

Choose the right jewelry


Do you need another reason to put more sparkle on your clothes? Putting silver accessories and diamonds (even those fake ones) will pop out your white teeth.  Whereas “avoid golden jewelry”.

Dress to impress

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A white shirt would make your teeth to look less white, but choose an off- white or cream – colored shade. By reducing the contrast this may give a result to the appearance of your beautiful smile with your white teeth.

Drink through a straw.

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Red vine, cranberry juice or other pigments, are liquids that tend to seep into enamel and they should better be sipped through a straw. But more preferable would be to brush your teeth immediately after drinking.

Floss your teeth daily


To clean the spaces between your teeth, sometimes it is hard with a brush. Try flossing your teeth daily, this not only cleans your teeth but they will look whiter and you will have a sparkle smile.

Use whitening toothpaste


Whitening toothpaste may promise you that will make your teeth sparkle, but the truth is that toothpaste aren’t for whitening, they will only remove the stain before they change the color of your teeth.

Some people use different sets of teeth whitening, but these sets do not have a stated power in their guidelines and a permanent effect compared to professional procedures for teeth whitening. Therefore we suggest you visit our clinic.

Klinika Gjermane e Dhëmbit will offer you solid advises, professional treatment and a smile that will create difference!


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