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Our clinic philosophy and its approach

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In our dental clinic in Prishtina, we provide high quality dentistry with reasonable and transparent prices. Working hours of our clinic can be found in the right corner of the webpage. Feel comfortable and relaxed in our excellent and modern clinic, and experience professional skills of our dentists.

Klinika Gjermane e Dhëmbit proudly guarantees for optimal treatment results by the team with long experience in dentistry and all this “under one roof” in the context of centralized organizational structure. Four years guarantee for dentures, crowns and your bridges. As a patient of our dental clinic, get a four-year warranty for repairs of dentures, crowns and bridges. If repair is necessary, please contact our clinic as soon as possible. This guarantee is listed in your guarantees sheets, which you get with prosthetic paper.

  • As a patient of Klinika Gjermane e Dhëmbit you benefit from the high level of security for your personal data and ethic cases.
  • Without any financial commitment, you are our main focus. This, certainly means more time to treat our patients, caring and precise peak.
  • You will get all services “under one roof”: Free consultancy, prophylaxes, restorative dentistry, endodontic treatments, dentistry implantology, prosthetics and other high technology products. This guarantees excellent results.
  • High modern technology makes it possible to give treatments with minimal and careful invasion during implants implementation.
  • Our team at Klinika Gjermane e Dhëmbit tells you with pleasure that gives a fully guarantee for the work done.
Take advantage of our services
Advantages on prices. Modern, affordable, dental services, high quality and reasonable prices.
Care before / after intervention
The holistic approach of the treatment

Our approach to treatment focuses on comprehensive care to our patients, so we do not rely only on the condition of the jaws and teeth in our diagnosis, but the organization as a whole. All these actions will be tailored to each patient.

At your service, anytime.